A College and Career Readiness Family program was created in the living room of Phillip and Darlene Willis in 2001.  Having two young sons enrolled in the Poway Unified School District at the time and reviewing the disaggregated data listed in the 2003 State of the District’s Report, the Co-Founders felt a need to gather other parents of like mind to see how they could change the situation around in their households! 

CPA serves as the parent organization for our College Bound programs that are located throughout CA. Our approach is unique in that we not only focus on the scholars but we empower their parents, guardians, and/or responsible adults as well. This family model has a proven track record. 100% of our scholars graduate from high school and have the choice of attending college while their parents/guardians learn to navigate the educational system and become more engaged in their scholar’s educational journey. The CB family model is known for ensuring a successful post-secondary education for the scholar and for their parent/guardian. Many of our alums are now serving in professional careers around the country.

CPA has partnered with Empowering Parents and Families to utilize the College Bound curriculum that is specifically designed to empower scholars AND their families which include parents, guardians, responsible adults and siblings which we call junior scholars.  The College Bound programs are evidenced based. We value both quantitative and qualitative research as well as years of professional experience. We have awarded over a million dollars in scholarships and continue to seek grants and donations for our programs. CPA/CB has toured over 300 colleges and universities throughout the country and Europe. CPA has MOUs, partnerships, and relationships with a variety of colleges and universities as well as public and private educational companies. 

Most CB programs meet monthly, either on a Saturday or during the week where we meet families where they are and focus on academic excellence, leadership development, parent/family engagement, self-esteem building, community service, reading, customized college tours and understanding the rules…aka “Parenopoly!”TM