Programs and Services

Concerned Parent Alliance (CPA) has College Bound program located throughout California. We have successfully partnered with a variety of school districts, churches, organizations and others to create and maintain successful College Bound programs that empower scholars and their families.  


CPA is a proud partner with the University of California.  We are responsible for bringing together Community-Based Organizations to work together to ensure educational success for organizations of like mind who work with a variety of scholars and their families.

CPA has MOUs with public and private institutions and/or organizations that include our scholars earning fee waivers, scholarships and/or access to special programs and/or services.

CPA is also a partner with the Empowering Parents and Families company.  EP&F provides a customized curriculum for each of the College Bound programs.


A variety of professionals have conducted research on College Bound programs and families. The outcomes have been similar suggesting that the CPA's unique approach to parent/family empowerment is one of the best strategies in helping to ensure educational success.


CPA continues to raise funds and write grants toward academic scholarships and the support of our non-profit organization.  We have provided over $1 million dollars in grants and scholarships.

Our donations come from public and private companies or organizations as well as private donors.

Please consider donating to the CPA, Inc. to help support a young scholar's journey from middle to high school to college and career.