Scholarship Sundays with Dr. Dary, Episode 22, Our Temporary New Normal… Still Empowered!!!

Shout Outs to: Uncle Joel who turned 87 years old, my nephew Shawn Edward Washington, II who turned 30, - Lost some great folks…Dr. Joseph Lowery, Bill Withers and countless others!!! 

As we reminded you last Sunday, it is imperative that EVERYONE complete the 2020 US Census!!!

The Time is Now!!! What’s your educational plan for your scholar?

We’re holding College abound virtual programs!!!


This Tuesday at 11am, we are proud to go live on Our College Bound Programs Facebook page as we hold the First Ever Trendy Tuesday Virtual Series: College Bound Reading/Story Hour!!! This will give parents an opportunity to get a break and scholars to earn community service hours! If you have an scholar under 13 years old and they enjoy hearing stories, please confirm participation by emailing Please RSVP if you’d like to join our Trendy Tuesday Virtual Reading/Story Telling Hour and see our faces or you can join us via our College Bound Program Facebook page and watch us bring stories!  If you are over 13 and would like to volunteer to read to the scholars, email us

Being Pro-Active

Stay home...groups still playing outside?

SBA Loan/Grant and unemployment 

Zoom Bombers - Be careful FBI Warning  -

University of CA Updates: 

  • Suspending the letter grade requirement for A-G courses completed in winter/spring/summer 2020 for all students, including UC’s most recently admitted freshmen. 
  • Suspending the standardized test requirement for students applying for fall 2021 freshman admission.
  • No rescission of student admissions offers that result from students or schools missing official final transcript deadlines. Students will retain their admission status through the first day of class until official documents are received by campuses.
  • In addition to the University’s actions, the College Board recently announced changes to Advanced Placement (AP) exam content and formats for spring 2020. UC recognizes the effort that students have already applied in these challenging courses and will award UC credit for 2020 AP exams completed with scores of 3, 4 or 5, consistent with previous years.

Financial Aid  

  • The University understands that families’ financial circumstances may have changed or may change in the coming months. UC campuses will work with families over the summer to review their eligibility for financial aid and, where allowable, on a case by case basis to adjust financial aid packages to reflect their new financial circumstances.

Virtual Tours for our "Temporary New Normal" 

600 Free Virtual College Tours

Interactive Virtual Campus Tours

San Diego Zoo

Yellowstone National Park

Mud Volcano Trail

Mammoth Hot Springs Trails


Animal Cameras 

Live Cams at the San Diego Zoo

Monterey Bay Aquarium live cams

Panda Cam at Zoo Atlanta

6 Animal Cams at Houston Zoo

Georgia Aquarium

Jelly Fish

Beluga Whales

Pacific Barrier Reef

Virtual Farm Tour

U.S. Space and Rocket Museum

Discovery Education Virtual Field Trips 

Polar Bears and the Tundra

Social Emotional Skills



The Louvre

The Great Wall of China

Boston Children’s Museum

Grand Canyon Virtual Tour

The Pyramids

Disney World Rides

It’s A Small World Ride

Museums, Zoos, Aquariums and Theme Parks

Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture HD Tou

SDGE (A Concerned Parents Alliance/College Bound Program Partner)

Direct assistance programs that can help people experiencing financial hardships due to COVID-19.  Many may qualify for SDG&E assistance programs and bill discount programs.  Those programs are available at and include the following:

  • California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE): Provides a 30% or more discount on monthly bills for customers with qualifying current household income or customers who are participating in certain public assistance programs. 
  • Family Electric Rate Assistance (FERA): If a customer doesn’t qualify for CARE, they may qualify for FERA, which provides income-qualified households of three or more with a reduced electric rate (12%) on their monthly bill.
  • Medical Baseline Allowance: Customers who have a qualifying medical need or necessarily use a medical device (i.e. for a compromised immune system, life-threatening illness, or any condition where additional heating and air conditioning or a qualifying device is medically necessary to sustain a person’s life) are eligible for a significant discount on their energy bill.  Household income is not a factor for qualifying, but a doctor’s certification on the application is required.

African American Women in Higher Education Virtual Roundtable - Featuring: Dr. Sabrina Sanders, Dr. Denise Woods; Dr. Debra Griffith, Dr. Dilcie Perez, Dr. Portia Jackson-Preston April 8th from 5:00pm-6pm (PST) RSVP by visiting


American Ground Water Trust

Thomas M. Stetson Scholarship - Deadline: June 1st

A $2,000 fund provided to a high school senior. The scholarship aims to provide support to a student who plans to pursue a career in a ground water related field. The scholarship is funded by Stetson Engineers Inc., San Rafael, CA to honor the life-long contributions of Mr. Stetson. 

American Association of School Personnel Administrators

The Leon Bradley Scholarship Program - Deadline: May 31st

Established to encourage more minorities or persons of color to enter the field of teaching and school leadership. The American Association of School Personnel Administrators (AASPA) believes that it is beneficial for all students to experience diversity among the educators who serve as role models for our students. Thus, AASPA will annually award up to two scholarships to assist a minority college student seeking his/her initial teaching certification and/or endorsement.

  • Two scholarships will be for $3,500 granted to a minority student in his/her final year of teacher preparations, which includes student teaching.

Supporting Hispanic Students and Professionals

The SHPE Foundation - Deadline: April 30th

Provides Scholarship Programs designed to enhance and achieve the potential of Latino students pursuing degrees in engineering, math, and science. Merit-based and need-based scholarships are awarded to undergraduate students who demonstrate both significant motivation and aptitude for a career in civil engineering, computer engineering, and computer science. Scholarship recipients will be notified by October 1st.

American Foreign Service Association Essay Contest - Deadline: April 6th

$2,500 annually, non-renewable, a trip to Washington DC with his/her parents and "Semester at Sea" full-tuition once accepted at an accredited college. The winners' school will receive 10 copies of "Inside a US Embassy". The runner-up will receive a $1,250 cash prize and a full scholarship to participate in the International Diplomacy Program of the National Student Leadership Conference, held in Washington, D.C.

Inspirational Moment

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.  Don’t be trapped by dogma-which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.  Don’t let the noise drown out your own inner voice.  And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.  They somehow already know what you truly want to become.  Everything else is secondary.”  The Late Steve Jobs

We look forward to hearing from you regarding our College Bound Trendy Tuesdays…this week at 11:00am, giving a break for parents as we read and tell stories to your little scholars.  In addition, an opportunity for older scholars to earn some community service hours!  Contact US ASAP, to get the details as to how to participate in our technological approach or watch it live on Tuesday on the College Bound Programs Facebook Page! 

Scholarship Sundays with Dr. Dary will return LIVE next Sunday at 6:30pm(PST)!!! Stay safe, empowered and productive!  God bless you!!!

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